After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I've created this web site to provide information to help make the right decision for you at this crucial time in your diagnosis.

It provides information on Breast Cancer Reconstructions for making informed decisions. Finding surgeons and consultants to perform specific reconstruction surgery. Finding specific cancer networks and hospitals. Providing diet and exercise tips and health website information. Providing you with news and information from the UK and around the world. Providing a source of photographs of true reconstructions from patients themselves as well as a forum where patients can meet other patients.

These five points are why I feel it helps women and men to make the right CHOICE after a breast cancer diagnosis.

  • Not enough women being offered reconstructive surgery so having information to make the right decisions and ask the right questions.

  • If the surgery is not available at your local hospital then you should be able to get the surgery you want else where and feeling confident in being able to do this.

  • Not enough information on surgeons and specialist for reconstruction and being able to ask to see someone else or for a second opinion. Providing detailed list to source this quickly.

  • Ongoing News and information in one place about new and up and coming breast cancer news from various sources in the UK and around the world.

  • The ABCD BRA [Breast Reconstruction Advisor] - To source β€˜true’ pictures of reconstructions performed in UK hospitals - on line - by patients themselves so that patients have pictures available at their finger tips to make the right decision for them.