End of the year 2023

Being Founder of two organizations I split my time between working with both.  The work I do supports breast cancer patients and is complimentary for both organizations. 2023 has been another very busy year with continued the never-ending work to address urgency and improvements for all breast cancer patients, and the focus on secondary/metastatic [...]

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All change…

Since before November 2022 there have been some issues going on with rising tumour markers. My oncologist and myself had been monitoring them. Then something happened, [...]

End of the year summary for 2022

End of the year summary for 2022 Introduction 2022 has been another very busy year as I have continued to work tirelessly to bring about improvements for breast cancer [...]

Jo Myatt – remembered today on her Birthday

It’s been nearly two years since Jo Myatt, one of our friends and campaigners died of secondary (metastatic) breast cancer.  It’s shocking that in this time nearly [...]

2021 End of Year Review

It’s the end of another year. Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 What will you have in store this year? I hope that it is a non-eventful year. Living with metastatic [...]

Round up of the lows and highs of 2020…

It's nearly 2021 and I recently wrote about the trauma of what happened this year and posted it on facebook…   It’s been an utter shit year. Covid [...]


  Seven years ago I had a portacath fitted. I want to share some information based on my own experience. This will hopefully help you make the right decisions, if [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020

A long but very important post coming up – please read this. It’s nearly October and we all know what’s in store - #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth – a sea of [...]

What happened to you in lockdown?

I'm sure that there are many answers to how you dealt with lockdown and myself?  A few weeks ago I posted on my personal facebook account at how I loved lockdown because it [...]

New Year Resolutions

I wrote a blog back in 2014 “Pinktober it will turn you green” which mentioned the amount of people that decided to make a new year resolution of exercise and by the end [...]

Surgery, “Special Achievement Award” from Oldham Sports Awards and there’s more…

Surgery In January 2018 I had a follow up appointment with my breast surgeon. This isn’t my original surgeon from North Manchester hospital.  I happened to miss 2 [...]
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