Exercise doesn’t need gym memberships or much equipment as long as you have a good pair of trainers.  See the below links that will get you started!

Locally in Oldham OCL – Oldham Community Leisure provide a referral system for exercise.  The referral form is attached, your GP should have this form. This can be completed by yourself with your GP or other medical professional i.e. practice nurse. It can then be sent to OCL for processing.

For more info and downloadable forms click below


Please check with your local GP if you have a referral scheme you can apply to.

BC Cancer
Great resource from Canada (British Colombia) web site, providing info on regular exercise safe and recommended levels before, during and after cancer treatments.

B Well info about the app SHORE-C: Sussex Health Outcomes Research and Education in Cancer

B Well arm & shoulder exercise app
B Well arm and shoulder exercise app for after breast cancer surgery by SHORE-C
The exercise videos included in the app, are also available on the website for those without an Apple/iOS device.

CAN-Move – exercise referral programme for cancer patients in Salford

Casting for Recovery
Short residential retreats for breast cancer patients to learn fly fishing – fun, support and moving forward

Chemo Cookery Club
Cancer food book. Recommended by Macmillan as essential reading for cancer patients. New breast cancer book out Feb 2017 – free ebook for patients and carers online

Cook for your life
Blog by co founder Ann about how cookery helped her through breast cancer treatment.

Couch to 5k
Running plan – how to build up to running 5k – great app and support for new runners!

Cycling – transport for Greater Manchester
Great info on cycling in Manchester with interactive cycle maps (local to Manchester) and free adult training for bike maintenance

Fit After Cancer Treatment
FACT is designed to support cancer patients with physical, mental and spiritual fitness after the treatment is complete by means of grant applications to support fitness – only currently in the Greater Manchester area

The Food Hospital
Lots of information about how food helps with minor and even serious medical conditions as well as breast cancer.

The Food Hospital – Breast Cancer
Follow this link – fantastic information on this site and on the programme.

The Food Hospital comment on non-dairy and meat and whether you should cut these from your diet. There seems to be lots of conflicting evidence regarding dairy and whether to change to soya protein. They state that there seems to be no proven link whether breast cancer is caused by them. Stating saturated fat, alcohol intake, obesity and smoking as primary causes. Mention that high doses of prolonged vitamin C have an increased risk in breast cancer of 1 gram or more.

Also good information on the site about hot flushes and menopause and how to help reduce these with diet.

Jogging Buddy
Find a running partner or buddy to help motivate you

Jeff Galloway Training
Run walk run training for anyone starting to run or specific running goals

MacMillan Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Resources and videos available to help you to start eating healthily, keep active, quit smoking and manage weight loss or gain.

Jessica Nelson 31 exercises anyone can do at home:

National Exercise Referral Scheme – NERS Public Health Wales (PHW) funded scheme which has been in development since 2007. The Scheme targets clients aged 16 and over who have, or are at risk of developing, a chronic disease. The scheme is centrally managed by the Welsh local Government Association and has secured funding until March 31 2020.

NHS Live well – exercise free gyms a great resource for many exercises and information on exercise

Nourish by Jane Clarke
I founded Nourish by Jane Clarke to provide inspiration, advice and delicious recipe ideas for anyone whose enjoyment of food or ability to eat well is hampered by illness. I’ve been a dietitian for more than 30 years and run a specialist cancer and dementia nutrition practice in London

Nourish and Flourish
Sam Ford, a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, from the UK. Together with a team of fully qualified Yoga teachers provides two retreats in France and Sweden specifically for breast cancer patients.

Nourish & Flourish Recipe Book – A cookery book has also been created specifically for cancer patients in mind but anyone can use it to eat healthily – email info@nourishandflourishretreats.co.uk

The Pure Health Clinic
Lots of interesting information from an experienced natural health consultant. Alternative and complementary medicine advice for the prevention, management and treatment of health issues. Environmentally friendly, eco friendly and non toxic lifestyle. They have a 10 minute mind and body exercise. Information about why to buy organic and which fruit and veg you should avoid.

NHS Health and Fitness
A wealth of informative videos and information that can help you to exercise from physical activity

NHS losing weight
How you can get started losing weight

NHS losing weight GP
How your GP can help you lose weight

Macmillan wellbeing channel 26+ weeks of exercise videos still there free to do at home (also a separate chair-based course)

Orcha is a health app finder

Our Parks
Created to make it free and easy to get fit – find classes or start a class yourself

Rock On Divas
Gloria Halim is an author, holistic health coach and promotes wellness with diet and exercise after her own experience with breast cancer.

Saddleworth Runners
A drinking club where they also run…

The app that pays you for walking! Helping people become more active – download the app and collect points and convert them into gifts. You can also donate to a nominated charity!

If you use this code: sweatco.in/i/joanne935472

“Ensuring no young adult has to face cancer alone”, they provide various support but this link is to their 12 week exercise programme and involves one to one session with level 4 cancer rehabilitation trainers.  Currently for anyone in London, Birmingham and Southhampton as this is a pilot scheme so not available yet throughout the UK.

UProject – Connecting health and the outdoors

Untire – beating cancer fatigue together – this gives patients and survivors the tools to reduce fatigue

Dr Yoga
Founded by Dr. Jimmy Kwok in 2011 to promote the benefits that yoga could bring for cancer patients and recovering survivors.

Yoga teaching videos after axillary #breastcancer surgery.
As tested in trial shore-c.sussex.ac.uk/YogaDVD.html

Yoga Yourself
Maureeen Wray – Iyengar Yoga – Saddleworth


Please also check out the Diet and Exercise sections of this website while you are here!