All change…

Since before November 2022 there have been some issues going on with rising tumour markers. My oncologist and myself had been monitoring them. Then something happened, my oncologist went on leave for a year. We had talks before he left about possibilities of a treatment change or other options. It was something I really feared doing. A [...]

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My rock

So, that was it, I was now on the cancer treadmill. I was told by the Breast Care Nurse that due to my age they would 'throw everything at me'. I talked to my sister in law as [...]

Who wants a cup of tea?

It is said that everyone 'has a book' in them... Well I do think I have about 3 books to write but this is the one story I need to tell at the moment. I had worked very [...]

A resolution worth sticking to

There are many New Year resolutions made at the beginning of every year. We see it time and time again. A huge push on diet and exercise, yet how many actually fulfil their [...]

Meet the BDC team – Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor
I was 38 when diagnosed with breast cancer, married with two young children – my daughter was 5 months old and my son was 2 ½ years old. It was a HUGE shock but very [...]
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