Beauty Despite Cancer

Three women

Three women each with a breast cancer diagnosis, three breasts removed. Three women, one condition, making very different decisions - or are they? Read [...]

Pinktober – it will make you green

And here we are again... October - time for 'awareness' and everything in the town to be painted pink - #pinktober as it's called on twitter. I hate [...]

Summer Holidays

It's hard having chemotherapy anytime but I'm feeling it harder this summer. The many hospital appointments and feeling ill as well as finding time to fit a [...]

Christmas – a time to remember

Christmas tree
I've got to admit that I'm a bit of a bah humbug when it ones to the C word. The C word should only pass our lips AFTER 5th November!! (I do rant about this [...]

NHS failings

Last week we posted a blog concerning the next phase of Inspections to happen to NHS Hospitals. The CGC announced that the long awaited NHS improvements are to [...]

A resolution worth sticking to

There are many New Year resolutions made at the beginning of every year. We see it time and time again. A huge push on diet and exercise, yet how many actually [...]

Meet the BDC team – Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor
I was 38 when diagnosed with breast cancer, married with two young children – my daughter was 5 months old and my son was 2 ½ years old. It was a HUGE shock [...]
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