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I thought I’d let you know where I am with everything that’s happened lately. Breast Cancer Care looked into what happened, and after a discussion and review of events I have received an apology from them.

Macmillan have also sent an apology for the upset and supported me into resolving the matter.

They now appreciate why there was such confusion and most importantly why I felt let down and upset. I’m pleased to say Breast Cancer Care have reassured me of their best practice, values and policy on copyright, IPR and publication.  This also confirms their own documentation.

You might remember I issued a blog in October covering the situation as I thought it to be with the infographic. Before publishing I’d sent it to Breast Cancer Care to make sure it was factually correct before publication.   

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have been looked at.  If this had happened, possibly there would have been no confusion over the situation with my infographic. Verbal discussions on this also left me confused as I thought this was linked to the infographic in the report as well.  My CNS confirmed and supported my impression that the infographic was going to be used in the way I understood.  You can therefore see the mixed messages and miscommunication. 

There are 2 pieces of work relating to my infographic that I thought were connected:-

  1. 1. A best practice report (where my infographic will appear, fully accredited
  2. Macmillan’s collaboration with Breast Cancer Care on some breast cancer top tips (Breast Cancer Care have so far drafted context of a Primary Care Ten Top Tips for GPs using modified pre-existing copy and diagrams)

I have been very upset by the situation but would like the matter amicably resolved with all parties concerned.  I would like to thank Breast Cancer Care for looking into this and taking the matter seriously. 

also want to thank Macmillan for their help and support in resolving matters.

At the very least this is a learning point for all on the value of clear, timely and transparent communication.

Jo @abcdiagnosis

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