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Manchester to Blackpool bike ride July 2014

Jo and Jeff
Well the day had arrived and we were up at 6.30am to be picked up at 7am by friends. We had packed a bag of spare clothes, food, energy bars and drinks. It had [...]

Sex and the City… “Chemo at The Christie”

So here is a little addition to Jo’s blog from her chemo buddy on session #4.. I thought I would share my thoughts on happenings from someone on the outside [...]

Chemo 2 and 3

Chemo number 2 and I was booked in for 9.30am. We dropped the children off at my friend Anna's as they were on holiday for Easter.  We got there just before [...]

Hair today gone tomorrow…

Like most women my hair was me, I loved having a nice haircut, pre cancer days ie 7 years ago, people would say 'ooo you have lovely hair'. My sister and niece [...]

I would drink poison if it made me better…

I had posted my last blog and was eagerly ready to start the next stage of the story from 7 years ago in January 2014 but things didn't work out as [...]

I had Breast Cancer for Gods sake!

After my breast cancer diagnosis and waiting for the surgery it was an awful, awful time... A restless, sleepless time. We tried to continue on as normal with [...]

Interlude: The ‘Jolie’ effect and decisions…

So much has been written about Angelina Jolie & what will be known as the 'Jolie effect' (remember the 'Kylie effect'?) and her decision regarding the BRAC [...]

My rock

So, that was it, I was now on the cancer treadmill. I was told by the Breast Care Nurse that due to my age they would 'throw everything at me'. I talked to my [...]

Who wants a cup of tea?

It is said that everyone 'has a book' in them... Well I do think I have about 3 books to write but this is the one story I need to tell at the moment. I had [...]