Round up of the lows and highs of 2020…

It's nearly 2021 and I recently wrote about the trauma of what happened this year and posted it on facebook…   It’s been an utter shit year. Covid happened. Diagnosed with a brain met (ie secondary breast cancer in my brain) - targeted radiotherapy for it. Surgery to remove SBC lymph nodes under my left arm all under [...]

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Forever hopeful – Manchester Cancer Research Centre new building

Manchester Cancer Research Centre
On Tuesday 16th June I was honored to be asked by Cancer Research UK to attend the opening of the new £28.5 million centre located across from The Christies building where I [...]

Secondary Breast Cancer Conference at The Christie Hospital 2nd July 2015

I have recently spent a day at a conference at The Christie specifically for Secondary Breast Cancer patients. It was the first of a kind that was held there and a very [...]

Three women

Three women each with a breast cancer diagnosis, three breasts removed. Three women, one condition, making very different decisions - or are they? Read more on the BDC [...]

Visiting London

Before the end of last year my Breast Care Nurse suggested that I apply to a charity for a special grant. The HoneyRose Foundation are a registered charity and grant special [...]


Four months after deciding on a date, I made my way down to London to meet friends from a long awaited tweet up on Saturday. I was booked on the train for 9.15am and [...]

Pinktober – it will make you green

And here we are again... October - time for 'awareness' and everything in the town to be painted pink - #pinktober as it's called on twitter. I hate it. I've never been [...]

Summer Holidays

It's hard having chemotherapy anytime but I'm feeling it harder this summer. The many hospital appointments and feeling ill as well as finding time to fit a holiday in.  I [...]

Manchester to Blackpool bike ride July 2014

Jo and Jeff
Well the day had arrived and we were up at 6.30am to be picked up at 7am by friends. We had packed a bag of spare clothes, food, energy bars and drinks. It had been raining [...]

Sex and the City… “Chemo at The Christie”

So here is a little addition to Jo’s blog from her chemo buddy on session #4.. I thought I would share my thoughts on happenings from someone on the outside looking in..... [...]

Chemo 2 and 3

Chemo number 2 and I was booked in for 9.30am. We dropped the children off at my friend Anna's as they were on holiday for Easter.  We got there just before 9am as I needed [...]
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